Does CBD Improve Symptoms From A Concussion?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a hot subject of discussion these days. Studies are underway in regard to the medicinal benefits CBD and CBD oils have for potential therapy for chronic pain and other ailments. It’s commonly believed that CBD is exclusively used for recreational purposes, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Contrary to popular belief, CBD use doesn’t make a person “high”. As more and more individuals become aware of its medicinal use, this stigma is beginning to dissipate.

Can CBD oil help alleviate symptoms brought on by a concussion? That’s one of the current issues experts are looking into. While much more research is needed, there have been advantages discovered, though this is still very early in research. Being natural, many individuals are beginning to wonder how using an alternative such as CBD may help them.

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How Does CBD Help My Body?

To understand how CBD oil might help you, you must first understand how our bodies operate. The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is a recently discovered system in our bodies that interacts with our immune and nervous systems. The ECS contains receptors all across our bodies, including the brain, our spinal cord, and immune cells.

Within our body, we find endocannabinoids, similar to the Cannabis molecule, which are made within our bodies naturally. What does it actually do? It helps in maintaining our body’s balance. When our ECS is out of balance, you can feel ill or even in pain. With CBD, we can further help keep balance within the ECS to help us cope with pain, emotion, memories, stress, and even our sleep.

Do You Feel “High” After Using CBD?

CBD is derived from hemp and is its active element. Hemp is a relative of marijuana plants and has no effect on a person’s ability to function. It is THC that causes someone to feel “high” and is a separate component of the plant. However, there are traces of THC in CBD. Therefore, it will appear in drug tests, either by urine or blood. THC is needed for CBD to be utilized by the body, similar to how milk needs vitamin D, which helps the body absorb calcium.

How Does CBD Affect The Human Body?

CBD oil seems to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities, according to research. This is significant because when you suffer injuries to the brain, there is inflammation, which can restrict blood flow and kill off brain cells.

Some studies have shown that CBD is useful in treating symptoms that we see the most in concussion cases, including headaches, anxiety, difficulties with sleep and feelings of depression.

CBD and Sports Concussions

Former athletes who are at risk for CTE – a brain condition that’s believed to be the result of multiple blows to the head or concussions — are being studied to evaluate the benefit CBD may have on their condition. This isn’t as simple as banging your head on the floor during a slip and fall where you would need slip and fall lawyers. Athletes suffer heavy impacts to the head regularly, which can cause long-term damage to the brain. According to preliminary data, participants had less symptoms of concussion. Unfortunately, they will not realize the full impact until the athlete passes away, as there are currently not any tests for CTE. Only after death can the brain be studied, and only then can a diagnosis be determined.

Currently, the NHL Alumni is a proponent of CBD oil. They consider at-risk hockey players perfect candidates for CBD, as they suffer from a long list of concussion-related ailments, like depression or chronic headaches, for example. While prescription opioids are the most frequent treatment for current concussion cases, CBD is being looked at as a possible alternative.

It’s not as simple for an NFL or NHL player to hire a pi lawyer to make their case. There is a need for serious research to be conducted to hold a sports organization accountable. If CBD can help ease their suffering, it is something that needs further investigation.

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