Top 8 best strains in the weed dc 2023 lineup


The cannabis industry has been flourishing in DC since 2014. The cultivators are devoted to growing new strains for weed dc lovers. That’s why there you may find a variety of weed strains of different tastes and effects. Thus makes it hard for even seasoned cannabis consumers to choose the right strain at the right time.

You’re here for a reason, and we can provide you with the information you need. The same goes for you; you won’t be let down. The strains listed here will all quench your THC need, leaving you feeling uplifted, inspired, and ecstatic. These kinds have the common trait of great potency, yet each has a unique offering. There are massive yields, short growth periods, sweet terpenes, and even some CBD-rich strains to balance your brain.

Without further ado, let’s find out which 8 cannabis strains will reign supreme in 2023.


The uplifting and energetic effects of the sativa-dominant hybrid Mimosa might help you get a good start on the day. The typical THC content is between 19 and 27%. At the beginning of the high, you’ll sense a surge of energy and mental clarity; eventually, the high will fill your mind with joyful motivation and razor-sharp concentration.

Like a fruity tropical mimosa, the aftertaste of this bud is sweet and tart. It has a similar scent but with more woody flowers and earthy herbs.


Slurricane is a 60/40 hybrid strain developed by crossing the intense Do-Si-Dos strain with the tasty Purple Punch strain. The high sets in a few minutes after inhalation, creeping up on the back of the brain with tingling sensations until it abruptly takes grip.

And the taste is a sweet fruity berry with accents of spicy tropical fruits and dirt. You’ll experience an ever-increasing sense of elation that floods you with wide joy and displaces any despair.


Kush Mint is a stable hybrid strain that crosses Bubba Kush with Animal Mints. Flavors of fresh mint, coffee, and cookies with an earthy undertone may be detected in each sip. The scent is reminiscent of lush, fragrant woods and rich, spicy coffee with a strong hint of mint.

Kush mints provide a coffee scent that equals earthy sweetness, hot spice, and a strong minty undertone. Its buds are enormous and fluffy, with forest-green nugs with amber overtones, hairs that match the color of the leaves, and a covering of crystalline crystal trichomes.


Gelato is a hybrid of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and has slight Indica dominance. These buds have a flavor similar to orange sherbet and blueberry sherbet, with overtones of earthy pine.

The scent is equally enticing, with a citrusy lavender note and a warm, woodsy undertone. The first stage of the high is a rush of blood to the brain, which leaves you feeling happy and focused.


Captain Crunch is an Indica-dominant hybrid (70/30) with a modest THC yield of around 15%. It is nevertheless enough to provide a phenomenal high. The enormous buds are a deep green forest covered with white trichomes. If you enjoy the cereal “captain crunch berries,” you’ll love this strain of cannabis. It has a sweet flavor similar to the cereal but with a hint of pine.

This strain produces a strong body high; at first, you may experience an uplifting cerebral euphoria accompanied by a buzzing aura, but soon after, you may find yourself completely relaxed, with your senses and mind perhaps locking into a state of deep slumber.


The genetics of Do Si Dos may be traced back to Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG, creating a unique hybrid strain. THC content measuring in at 30%. It smells both pleasant and earthy. The flowers contain olive-green, conical nugs covered in brilliant amber hairs, purple leaves, and a sticky, delicious, syrupy resin that covers every frosted white trichome.

The sedative effects may set in fast and spread throughout the body. You may also get that creative spark and the right mood for brainstorming with this strain. The strain’s ability to stimulate both the mind and body makes it helpful in improving performance. The stress and depression-alleviating properties of this bud are well-documented.


Mango Kush from weed dc dispensary smells like mangos, Kush, pine, tropics, and bananas, thus its name. Users report a joyful, instant rush. Mango Kush’s deep body stone eventually overwhelms users, making them lethargic and couch-locked.

Indica-dominant Mango Kush is effective for the treatment of a variety of medical conditions, including but not limited to: depression, anxiety, insomnia, and lack of appetite. The body-focused high is also characterized by feelings of calm, happiness, and drowsiness. Those under the influence of this strain are more gregarious and humorous than usual.


Lemon Pound Cake (lemon cake) is a sativa-dominant hybrid. Lemon Pound Cake has a citrus, earthy taste and 23% THC. As the nugs are cracked and burnt, it smells lemony and earthy. The Lemon Pound Cake high is as delectable as the taste, with eye-opening effects that get you up and going quickly thanks to its sativa qualities.

Feel pleasure, vigor, and concentration. Lemon Pound Cake is an excellent choice for persistent stress, depression, headaches, tiredness, nausea, and appetite loss.

Final Thoughts

Weed dc dispensaries offer a wide range of weed strains. Here we have tried to provide some of the strains with substantial medicinal effects that can create a buzz. However, it is important to find trusted shops to get the best weed strains.

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