Because all players all have the same goal, which is to make money, how to play baccarat (วิธีเล่นบาคาร่า) to get money, it is something that every player. People look for and hope to conquer this secret formula. But not everyone either. To follow this method and always get money. Because it requires experience and its unique technique, you still have a simple way to be done, even for beginners.

Let’s introduce as follows.

Choose to bet on the banker’s side as follows because the banker side in playing card games will be an essential factor that makes players often win, which some players may not know that in each turn, the Banker side has a more significant advantage to winning than the player’s side. Maybe try to check from the record of playing 50 times at a time, and most of them will find that The banker side wins more.

When a player enters a card game via a live casino, see the playing statistics showing the winning side in each turn. Players may evaluate and look at the attitude before one turn. Then you will immediately start stabbing in the next turn. After the banker’s card wins.


This strategy-based betting pattern is not complicated. Just bet on the banker’s side. Without changing sides, But even then, there will be some eyes that the player side wins. 


For example, Banker > Banker > Banker > Player, if the result in this format means that the player wins three turns, loses one turn and the turn on the player’s side wins. In the next turn, the player waits to see the action of the result in the eye in front of him. When the banker side wins, you will continue to stab at the dealer’s side.

Players will have an advantage in betting on the banker side like this in the long run. Because, as you have said before, most of the winners are on the banker’s side. You need to find a way to bet as efficiently as possible, such as the method you have discussed above. is to bet only on the banker’s side and stop playing when losing. Wait for the dealer’s side to come back to win. Then start stabbing each other again.

Net amount

Besides the way it should be done, there are some formulas in how to play baccarat (บาคาร่า) for money that you would recommend avoiding, namely the Martingale betting strategy. Or better known as Compounding it. Is to double the bet amount immediately every time the game loses; for example, 10-20-40-80 bet on this amount.

But personally, this is not something you would recommend because it is not suitable for betting in play. Because of the bet on the banker’s side, Which has a payout rate of 1 can be 0.95, which will result in the player losing in the long run. Martin gel betting is, therefore, more suitable for Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger, or Roulette in some betting positions.

The strategy you have mentioned is something that players can apply in their bets for how to play for money To help play in each eye more flavor—and not relying on luck in playing too much. It also has a feature that gives players more chances to win in the long run.


Signing up is the first step before betting. How to apply for baccarat: It introduces players to the process of applying to become a member and receive various rights with betting in online casino websites that you trust, including a channel for making financial transactions with the website to get actual money from winning bets.

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