Lookah Seahorse Pro Glass Accessories

If you’re a nectar collector lover then congratulations because the lookah pro version has brought their lookah seahorse pro glass accessories. You’ll be overwhelmed with this amazing glass tool kit that’ll beautifully replace your mouthpiece. So hailing with these glass tubes will provide you with a better experience and taste.

Seems interesting right? Want to know more about this incredible accessory kit? If yes then stick around here because I’m going to tell you some exciting facts about these. Thus, let’s start! But before getting into the details do make sure that you have the pro version of lookah seahorse. Because, you can get this tool kit with the pro model only.

What do you know about the lookah seahorse pro version?

The lookah seahorse pro is the portable nectar collector that is mainly used for wax dabbing. So the oily cartridges provide more flavor and taste in the mouth and hence are now taking the place of dry herbs. This portable nectar collector runs on a battery that is rechargeable and has a USB cable for this purpose as well.

Thus now you can enjoy your 510 favorite oily cartridges direct from the jar. Additionally, the tip of this pro has quartz tips that gain the desirable temperature instantly. So you can replace the quartz tip with the ceramic coils as per your choice. Hence smokers who concentrate more on flavors should use the quartz coils. While those who want to have huge vapors should use ceramic tips.

This is almost half as much heat as other vape cartridge fillers , which cannot operate under pressure. With the ideal filling conditions made possible by a Vape-Jet, cannabinoids and terpenes are preserved from thermal degradation and oxidation, ensuring consistent product quality and filling speed.

What features come with lookah seahorse pro glass accessories?

So firstly you need to know that for enjoying the perks of lookah glass accessories you’ll need to buy a pack of 2 or 5. Thus with these packs, you’ll be able to get the accessories. Additionally, the glass tubes are the best alternative to the glass mouthpiece. Therefore let’s have a look at these:

Best substitute

Have you ever accidentally broken your glass mouthpiece? If yes then no worries because now with lookah seahorse pro glass accessories you can get the additional glass tubes. These glass tubes serve the best purpose if you break your glass mouthpiece unintentionally. So if you want to enjoy the pro seahorse then the accessory glass tubes are the main tools that you’ll need.

Convenient to clean

Most of the users find it hard to clean their bongs especially when they get piled up with long-term resins. But thanks to this lookah seahorse pro glass tubes that are easy to clean and maintain. You should have the isopropyl alcohol and a pack of tissues to clean these tubes. Thus put some amount of solution in the tubes of the shake well. Hence after this clean it with tissue or cloth after rinsing.

Non-porous glass accessories

Another crucial feature that I like the most about these glass accessories is that they are non-porous and non-odorous. Thus the taste or flavor of your hits doesn’t change using these glass tubes and you can enjoy flavorful sesh as before. Moreover, glass is known as a good material to refrain from germs and bad smells.

Available with extra dimensions

The glass tubes or mouthpiece in lookah seahorse pro glass accessories contain the additional dimensions. Additionally, the dimensions contain 7mm of inner diameter and 12mm on the external vape edge. So be ready to enjoy the flavorful hits and enjoy the prerequisite of these pro glass tubes.

Customer impressions about lookah seahorse glass accessories

Most of the customers are satisfied with the performance of these glass accessories kits. They’re all happy to get the advantage of having the incredibly useful accessory kit on the pack of 2 or 5. Most of them find it amazing in terms of the features like coil replacement, mouthpiece substitute, adapter battery, and much more. In short, it is a good device for long-term use.


So peeps! This would be the first pro version of lookah seahorse that is offering their users lookah seahorse pro glass accessories. Thus enjoy the advantage of the perfect tool kit with the pack of 2 or 5 and make your experience worth it. I’d highly recommend you all to try it once and then let us know about your experience. If you’ve still any queries you can ask in the dm!

Thank you!

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