Modern Love Organics CBD Reviews, Flavours, Features And Price

About Modern Love Organics

Modern Love Organics is perhaps one among the foremost confident and funky CBD brands to possess come up within the past few years. The owners of the brand, Rock Baijnauth and Andrew Moniz started their journey to Modern Love years ago once they were making documentaries on coffee competitions. During this, both partners would add CBD to their coffee drinks, and noticed what proportion easier it made their day. Noticing how this might help more people they built this brand meaning to make it “The World’s Most Exquisite CBD.”

With this goal in mind, the brand aims to supply the very best quality products for its customers. All products are tested internally also as externally by third-party labs to make sure that only the very best quality of products reaches the customer without fail.

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If all this wasn’t enough, Modern Love also donates some of their profits back to the community through arts & culture initiatives to assist other growing creative seeds grow within the world. they’re truly changing the way people check out CBD and benefitting society while they are doing this!

As for his or her products the brand provides an honest array of easy-to-use and sensible products. Most cash in of their patented technology for creating very potent nano CBD which makes their products unique and really strong in terms of CBD content. The products range from easy use chewable CBD Gummies to a Healing Salve for body aches and pain.

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01. Passion Fruit CBD Gummies 200mg – $24

Available in 3 different flavours, these gourmet hemp-derived CBD gummies are skillfully created to be something you can use at any time. Containing 20 gummies per packet, this product seems perfect for those people who just need something small to take the edge off their day and pull through. The best part about this product is, Who doesn’t love gummies?

Each gummy contains 10mg of CBD and the company suggests that you consume 1-3 depending on your needs and wellness formula. These gummies are also made in the USA and are 100% vegan.

Available Flavours

  • Amalfi Coast Lemon
  • Nordic Wildberry
  • Passionfruit

02. Nano CBD Tincture 250mg – $75

This product is probably the most interesting here because it is unlike any other CBD tincture on the market. Modern Love’s flagship hemp-derived nano CBD tincture employs a unique, proprietary process to transform active ingredients into nano-sized droplets so that more CBD is quickly absorbed by the body.

According to Modern Love, this product has a slight hint of honey, making it great to enjoy with your morning coffee which is quite suited considering how this company came to be.

As for strength, This product is to be considered 4 times the strength of traditional oil. This means that 250mg of this nano tincture is similar to a 1000mg standard dose tincture.

Notable Features

  • Fastest Absorbing CBD product on the market
  • Water Soluble
  • High Potency and Strength

03. Nano CBD Soft Gels 750mg – $95

These Soft Gel Capsules from Modern Love are created with patented water-soluble Nano CBD technology which employs Broad Spectrum Nano CBD oil with naturally existing terpenes. These soft gels have a much faster product response time than many competitors and related products in the market
Notable Features

  • Sugar-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Alcohol-Free

04. High Potency CBD Tincture 1500mg – $100

This product is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest when it comes to strength and potency. Created in small batches, this product uses ultra high quality and super potent hemp-derived CBD tincture to alleviate major stress and anxiety.

Just a single drop contains about 50mg of this super potent CBD which is perfect for chronic conditions and is suggested to be used as part of a sustained wellness routine.

Due to its high potency, the company suggests that you start small and move up slowly with the suggested dosage being between a half dropper per day (25mg) to two full droppers per day (200mg).
Notable Features

  • Made with organically grown hemp
  • Non-GMO
  • Very High Strength

05. CBD Healing Salve 750mg – $84

Modern Love’s hemp-derived CBD Healing Salve is created with relaxation in mind. Formulated with beeswax and MCT oil as well as essential lavender and eucalyptus oils this product offers an unbeatable targeted and soothing relief to the body. This product is perfect for people who spend most of their day at a desk or just anyone with body pain as it can confidently cure your woes.

Notable Features

  • Cruelty-Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • All-Natural
  • Toxin Free
  • Fragrance-Free


Putting everything together, Modern Love is a company that all types of people can rely on for their CBD needs. It adds a wonderful art to the industry and is perfect for both beginners and people who regularly use CBD products.

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