No Time To Waste: Quick-Growing Sativa Strains

Sativas take the longest to mature compared to Indicas and hybrids. But it doesn’t mean we don’t have some tricks up our sleeves! Who doesn’t enjoy an energized mental high from a potent Sativa? And who doesn’t want things to happen faster? Continue reading for some straightforward advice on cultivating Sativas.

Why Do Sativas Take So Long?

Sativas, on average, take longer to mature than Indicas. It’s all in the genes — the prolonged flowering time is merely a trait of Cannabis Sativa, which is adapted to its natural habitat’s longer and hotter summers. That is also why Sativas grow taller and survive better in warmer, humid areas. So, while Indicas stay short and complete blooming in about 8 weeks, Sativas take 10-12 weeks, or even longer in pure Sativa strains. There are, however, a few workarounds available.

Is There A Way To Harvest A Sativa Faster?

If you need to grow anything quickly, you should probably get seeds for growing indoors. You can then control how much light your plants receive and when they transition from the vegetative to blooming stages. Autoflowering strains are also excellent because they often finish within 9 weeks of germination and blossom automatically independent of the light schedule. Remember that the last thing you want to do is become impatient and harvest your plant too soon, missing out on significant bud development. This implies that you can limit vegetative development but not flowering. Choosing faster strains is another sure-fire strategy to harvest a Sativa faster. Let’s go together and find out what they are

Top Fastest-Growing Sativas

The quickest-growing Sativas will always be plants grown in ideal settings with plenty of light. Some strains are known to grow quite swiftly on their own! This customized Seed Supreme list of the quickest Sativas includes autoflowering and photoperiod strain equally. Let’s get this party started!.

Get Quick Results With Tangie’matic Auto

What better way to begin than with an autoflowering strain? Tangie’matic Auto matures in 9 weeks and grows to a height of 130cm (4’3″), producing harvests of 450-650 g/m2 (1.4-2.1 oz/ft2) indoors. This strain is almost entirely Sativa, with a 21-23 percent THC level, which is relatively high for an auto. This is the seed for you if you want something powerful and fruity to smoke throughout the day.

Take A Sip Of Fruit Punch Auto

Fruit Punch Auto is another auto that makes a list, and it is suitable for both novice and experienced gardeners. She’s ready to harvest only 80 days from germination, which is a dream! You will not be dissatisfied with the results, either: Fruit Punch Auto yields 600-800g/m2 (1.9-2.6 oz/ft2) indoors utilizing the Sea of Green technique, and with a THC content of 21%, this Sativa-dominant hybrid provides euphoria accentuated by its naturally fruity aromas.

Big And Green: Hulkberry

Hulkberry is a superhero strain, a Sativa-dominant (65%) hybrid created by crossing OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. Once Hulkberry begins blooming, she’ll be ready to harvest in 63-70 days, which is pretty quick for a photoperiod Sativa. This breed proliferates, tall and bushy, with dense, resinous buds. Her green and purple colors aren’t the only reason for her name; she also has a high THC content of 27 percent.

Fast Flowers With Caramelo Early Version

Following that comes Caramelo Early Version, a 70% Sativa-dominant strain having Hawaiian, Afghan, Colombian, and Mexican origin. This is another potent strain, with THC levels ranging around 24.2 percent. Once the vegetative period is complete, this strain blossoms quickly and is ready to harvest in 45 days. She produces 400-500g/m2 (1.3-1.6 oz/ft2) indoors and 400-500g/plant (14-17 oz.) outdoors, and she responds well to cutting and pruning, as with the SCROG method.

Amnesia Will Leave You Feeling Hazy

Finally, Amnesia is a pure Haze strain ideal for indoor cultivation. This strain responds well to all training methods and prefers high nutrition feeds; therefore, a yield of 450-600g/m2 (1.4-1.9 oz/ft2) is expected. Amnesia flowering time is only 63 days. Once you’ve gathered and cured your buds, prepare to embark on a cerebral adventure with a lovely stone that creeps into the extremities.

Get Your Hands On Fast Eddy

As the name suggests, Fast Eddy blooms in 8 – 9 weeks. The plant is low-maintenance and self-flowering, resulting in abundant yields. The plant is significantly better suited for outdoor cultivation in areas with a short summer.

The strain contains a high concentration of CBD, making it an excellent medical strain. Because of the low THC levels, the high from this strain is clear and comforting. In the proper doses, the high provides pain relief and relaxation. It does not slow you down but does relieve pain.

Sweet Cheese

When grown indoors, this strain proliferates and produces a harvest after approximately eight flowering weeks. The buds themselves are stiff and dense, densely packed with resin. In terms of height, the plant does not grow very tall and will be ready to harvest by September. Because a single plant can produce up to 500g of fruit, growing more than a few plants is not essential. The effect of the strain is quite soothing. Even though it is a Sativa-dominant strain, it provides a more Indica-like effect. Sweet Cheese F1 is indicated for smokers who smoke regularly and have a high tolerance.

Strawberry Cough Feminized

Strawberry Cough is a simple strain to handle. It can be grown indoors or outdoors with the proper nutrients, soil, and illumination. The strain is feminized and blooms quickly. While the yield isn’t as high as some other lats, it flowers quickly. The plant is also not particularly large, making it easier to grow inside.

It produces a joyful, euphoric high that leaves you feeling energized and creative. The strain makes you chatty and giggly, but if you smoke too much of it, it might imprison you in one position for a long time. When smoked in moderation, the strain has been shown to reduce tension and anxiety. It is ideal for someone who wants to be creative and productive throughout the day.

Gotta Grow Fast!

Finally, when it comes to growth, patience is essential. Delaying an early harvest can result in more extensive and more potent harvests in the long term. If you want to develop a Sativa quickly, any strains listed above will do the trick. 

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