The Ins and Outs of Delivering Cannabis in Ontario

Since marijuana was legalized across Canada, the cannabis industry has flourished with more and more private dispensaries opening. This is making it easier and more convenient to access legal cannabis products.

Yet, both recreational and medicinal users are looking for ways to increase this convenience by having weed delivery services bring their purchases straight to their door.

While recreational cannabis is certainly legal, the country still maintains a tight hold on how it is produced and distributed. This means that it may not be that easy to take advantage of marijuana delivery services.

Keep reading to find out how weed delivery services work and how you can enjoy the convenience of having your marijuana products delivered straight to your door!

How Do Cannabis Delivery Services Work?

Legal cannabis deliveries work by having your medicinal cannabis products delivered directly from a licensed producer. However, when it comes to recreational marijuana, regulations can differ from province to province.

The current delivery options for legal weed delivery are limited to purchases made through provincially-owned dispensaries. With the exception of Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Manitoba, privately owned stores cannot deliver cannabis products to consumers.

This means that delivery drivers can only bring you products purchased from official crown corporations.

Otherwise, to have marijuana products delivered directly to your home from a privately-owned establishment, you may have to consider purchasing recreational products online.

But medical marijuana users can take advantage of medical cannabis delivery companies if they experience limited mobility or lack transportation to the dispensary.

Is It Safe to Order Cannabis Products Online?

If you’re tempted to order your cannabis products online to have them conveniently delivered to your door, there are a few things you have to take into consideration:

Is the Product Legal?

Legal products meet strict rules set by federal and provincial governments, so you know the product is safe. Your purchase will also be delivered safely and securely.

Otherwise, buying illegal products exposes you to potential safety, health, and legal consequences.

Sure signs that an online retailer is illegal include requests that payments are made by e-transfer to a generic email address (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) and no information about the business on their website.

Is the Website Trustworthy?

You can tell a lot about the trustworthiness of an online cannabis retailer simply by looking at their website. If the site looks poorly designed and unprofessional with broken links and images, it’s likely not a legal entity.

Also, look for a lack of contact information, information about return policies and privacy policies as well as incredibly low prices on the product and abnormally high shipping, duties, and extra charges.

Signs of a Legal Online Retailer

When you buy cannabis products from a legal retailer, you will see an excise stamp on the package that guarantees the product is produced according to the highest health and safety standards.

This means the product will reflect accurate THC levels and not contain any other substances.

Legit online retailers will also require age verification when you enter their site and make a purchase.

The Benefits of Having Your Cannabis Delivered

Apart from the convenience of having your cannabis products delivered to your doorstep, there are other advantages to choosing weed delivery services over visiting a dispensary:

  • Lower Product Costs: Companies that offer delivery typically have less overhead and can offer lower costs on their cannabis products.
  • Privacy: Even though marijuana is perfectly legal, many users may not want to purchase their products in public and may feel uncomfortable going to a dispensary. Cannabis products are delivered in unmarked packages from unmarked vehicles, making the process inconspicuous and confidential.

Types of Marijuana Delivery Services

With the cannabis industry diversifying in so many ways, it’s no surprise that there are multiple types of delivery when it comes to receiving your cannabis products!

  • On-Demand Delivery: Just like ordering a pizza, this type of delivery ensures that your cannabis is delivered promptly after you order it.
  • Scheduled Delivery: Imagine ordering a package from Amazon – you know it’s going to arrive on a certain day. This is how scheduled cannabis delivery works.
    It’s important to remember that when you have cannabis products delivered to your home, someone of legal age must be present to accept the package. If they look younger than the legal age, they may be asked to produce two pieces of I.D.

How Can I Find a Local and Licensed Dispensary That Delivers?

If you are interested in having your cannabis products delivered from a local and licensed dispensary, a popular online tool you can use is called WeedMaps.

WeedMaps is a site that allows you to search for local retailers that deliver as well as information about types of marijuana products, brands, strains, and deals. They also have an educational section on their site where you can learn about the legal status of marijuana as well as how it affects your body.
Simply click on the search box at the top of the page and choose “Deliveries”. Then enter your location to see what local dispensaries offer reliable weed delivery.

You can also use this tool to find local dispensaries, even if they don’t deliver.

Have Your Cannabis Delivered for Easy Convenience!

Licensed retailers in Ontario want to make it easy and convenient for you to purchase and receive your marijuana products. But until they are authorized to offer delivery and curb-side pickups, the best option is to browse the website of your favorite cannabis store and then visit in person.

The world’s cleanest and most high-quality cannabis is just a visit away!


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