The Top 10 Netflix Shows to Watch While High

We have selected some of the funniest, most frightening, visually appealing, and dramatically striking television available to stream today in our list of the top 10 Netflix shows to watch while high. So get a bong and a friend and prepare to be engulfed in the vast world of Netflix.

“Netflix and Chill” has become a cringe-worthy term heard on dating apps worldwide. Fortunately, stoners have appropriated this slogan to reflect the unparalleled sensation of a cannabis-infused binge-watching session. Because streaming services have redesigned the television wheel, consumers now have broader access to the most obscure corners of creative content.

Watch netflix and chill with this list of must-see shows

So, what are you holding out for? Pack a bowl, eat an edible, find your butane torch, and gather some pals and food – it’s Netflix time. The following are the top ten Netflix high best shows to watch – some trippy, others funny and comedic, with some time-tested classics thrown in for good measure. This may go without saying, but Netflix’s selection of shows varies per country. topportal This isn’t to say you should avoid shows that aren’t available on your country’s Netflix. Streaming via other paid services is also a possibility, or you could go the nostalgic route and get out the DVD-box set. Manage your time how you see fit, but don’t forget to add these 10 TV treasures to your watchlist!

#10 Arrested development

Arrested Development features a plotline so intense that by the conclusion of the first episode, you’ll be yearning for a joint (or six). If you ever feel like life is getting you down, just put yourself in Michael Bluth’s shoes, and everything will seem better. The show does an outstanding job of developing the characters across the seasons, to the point where you might like most of them by the time you’ve finished all of them.

Netflix resurrected it in 2013 in 2018, and we’re pleased they did. Arrested Development needs to be resurrected, and it deserves to be watched by excellent people and, even better, marijuana.

#9 Big mouth

When you think of puberty as a live, breathing entity, what comes to mind? In the case of Big Mouth, that would be Maurice, the hormone monster who is always on hand to offer advice and wisdom. Of course, “every turn” refers to every random boner, sleepover, uncomfortable dream, and bar mitzvah (yes, we said bar mitzvah).

Big Mouth’s strongest feature is how it beautifully reflects the hardships that everyone faces as they enter adulthood. You’ll be lost in a Sativa-fueled frenzy of laughter on at least one (if not several) instances, all the while remembering the time the same thing occurred to you.

#8 American vandal

If you’ve already seen Making a Murderer, then American Vandal is an obvious next step. It takes everything you love about real crime documentaries and turns it on its head. American Vandal only has two seasons, but there are plenty of hilarious episodes to keep you engaged. The first season concentrates on “vehicle defaced with phallic graphics,” but the second season takes it further.

An appropriately titled “The Brownout” major prank strikes a private Catholic school. We’ll preface the rest of this part by noting that if you don’t find poop humorous, American Vandal isn’t for you. A few dabs will rapidly turn American Vandal’s fart jokes and poo-related hilarity into a must-see.

#7 Kantaro: the sweet tooth salaryman

Salarymen are known for being openly devoted and hardworking, but Kantaro defies convention by using his white-collar profession as a convenient cover for browsing Tokyo’s sweet shops. Kantaro, in reality, only works in a publishing house to fulfill his ultimate desire—every delicious delight Japan has to offer. The best part is that you, too, may indulge in the same delicacies that Kantaro craves.

Although the show is fictitious, the locations featured are genuine! Each episode focuses on a particular dessert, with all of the cafes, dessert stores, and restaurants in real-life Tokyo locations. Delicious desserts are now one of the reasons to visit Japan’s capital if you are seeking one. Treat yourself to a bag of marijuana gummies—and season one of Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman.

#6 That ‘70s show

There are a few shows that have withstood the test of time. Thankfully, That ’70s Show is one of them. The 200-episode sitcom, which first aired in 1998, is still as amusing today as it was then. Even if you don’t think the punchlines are as funny as they used to be, it’s always fun to see familiar (although much younger) faces.

The sub-twenty-minute episodes (excluding the opening and outro) are brief enough to be enjoyed during a wake-and-bake session yet long enough to be memorable. The characters are likable, and the challenges of adolescence are still relevant today. That ’70s Show should be a staple in any stoner’s entertainment repertoire.

#5 Rick & morty

Is it necessary for Seed Supreme to introduce this show? Typically, Rick & Morty fans fall into one of two camps: they either get it or don’t. If you don’t, a blunt with your name is being rolled right now. Watching a few Rick & Morty episodes while high is akin to unlocking Pandora’s Box. Suddenly, you understand Rick’s motivations, his irrational schemes, and his distorted sense of perspective.

If you already enjoy watching cartoons while high, you should have a blunt as well! Rick and Morty is a strange journey into the minds of creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. You might as well buckle up for the ride with a potent indica.

#4 Cooking on high

When you ask any self-respecting stoner about their “highest” experience, the story usually begins with edibles. They not only taste great (if you use one of our recipes), but they are up to four times stronger than smoking a conventional jay. This is where the double-edged character of edibles comes into play. What they offer with one hand, they can take away with the other, as too much of a good thing causes ecstatic paralysis in weed-lovers.

Cooking On High is the show you need in your life if you believe in leaving delicacies to the professionals. Cooking On High features some of the best cannabis-infused cuisines on Netflix, thanks to masterful chefs, celebrity judges, and the dankest strains the industry offers. This humorous competition show simultaneously spoofs and indulges in the undeniable excitement of reality TV, with each episode concentrating on new strains and obstacles.

#3 Brooklyn nine-nine

On the verge of being canceled, an outpouring of public support rescued Brooklyn Nine-Nine. You should not only be grateful to everyone who petitioned for its continuation, but you should also buy each of them a joint. Okay, maybe not everyone, but you could roll some of your favorite herbs and remind yourself why the program is so popular.

Peralta gets away with everything, Charles is the sidekick we all need, and Gina is a completely different entity. The long-running jokes that appear from season to season are one of the show’s crown jewels. Because of this and the outlandish characters, binge-watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine is your only option.

#2 The it crowd

British humor is in a class by itself. It is not superior to other forms of humor, but it needs a level of dryness that is difficult to achieve. Sarcasm and humor that straddle the border between acceptable and downright disgusting are typical occurrences on The IT Crowd. The cast is as odd as they come, yet ultimately harmless, making them all the more endearing. Keep an eye out for a few minor characters. Despite their little screen time, they offer some memorable one-liners. We won’t reveal what they are, but you’ll recognize them when they occur.

Pack a bowl, grab some snacks, and race through all five seasons—you won’t be sorry.

#1 Trailer park boys

What do trailer parks, marijuana, alcohol, run-ins with the cops, a child with a gun, and bull sperm have in common? The Trailer Park Boys! Trailer Park Boys is a satirical comedy that depicts the antics of two ex-cons, Ricky and Julian, and pokes fun at every stereotype. Ricky getting shot in the nuts in the Netflix teaser should tell you everything you need to know, so expect plenty of slapstick humor.

Ricky and Julian’s friendship blossoms into the bromance we all crave despite beginning on shaky ground. Ricky and Julian are the ideal partners in crime as they attempt to take on everything the trailer park life offers, including growing a massive amount of marijuana!

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